Peggi’s Pretty Pink Paducah Purse

LOL! Try saying that fast three times! There’s only 15 days until Paducah, so I thought I’d pass the time making these neck purses for Peggi & I to wear.


The last time I was in Paducah AQS gave us neck badge holders, but they had only one zip pocket. I liked being able to carry my money and credit cards and not having to carry a purse. I just wanted a little more room this time! This one is Peggi’s because she likes pink. It also looks MUCH nicer than mine, which is red and was the “prototype”.  I started with the free AeroPac pattern from StudioKat Designs and modified pretty much everything but the slanted pocket. That can hold our cell phones and/or iPods.

I put in a front pocket for our S2B cards.


Added a zippered money pocket….


…and a credit card or business card section in the back.


Of course, it didn’t occur to me to use pink thread when doing the binding. Nooooooo.. I had to use black. By the time I realized what I had done it was too late to turn back.  Oh, and can I tell you I HATE SEWING BIAS BINDING?????!!!!!!! I swear I can never get that stuff on straight. The black strapping was a joy too. It’s very, VERY stretchy width-wise. So there’s a few spots where it looks like I was drunk, but that just adds to the charm, I guess.

Everything was from my stash except the zippers, strapping and vinyl for the clear badge pocket. Yay! It took me two hours to clean my room – I can certainly make a mess when I’m creating, can’t I??


I hope Peggi likes it. Of course, if it’s too dorky she can always use the one AQS provides. I promise, my feelings won’t be hurt!! (Sniff!)

I’ve started counting down what is sure to be two very s-l-o-w weeks!!


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