Ok when and where is the next “Ugliest Quilt Contest” going to be?  I know if I enter I’ll win Grand Prize!


I had a stack of homespuns from my earliest quilting days and decided to throw them together.  The image in my mind didn’t match what you see before you.  After sewing the first couple of rows together I almost gave up because it is SO DANG UGLY, but I persevered and now the top is done.  My feelings about this quilt have progressed to the point where it is SO DANG UGLY that I’m actually proud of it.  It makes me chuckle.  It will be the first quilt I put on my frame and actually quilt.  Do you know why?  Because I’m not scared of ruining it!  Quilting it could not possibly make this quilt any dang uglier!  It’s a great quilt to learn on!


And after this post, I now know the name I’m giving this quilt.  Wanna guess?  First person with the correct answer wins the quilt, lol!   Ok, just joking, I don’t want to scare all 3 of our regular readers off….   First right of refusal goes to Lynette, because she does a lot of charity quilts, so if she wants it, she gets it.

That one is going to be well-loved. Isn’t it true that the ones we dislike the most are the ones that others cherish? You’re going to have a ball quilting this. You can try out every stitch imaginable and it’ll look great! wpid-Cindi-Signature-small-2010-04-2-20-42.png

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