Little Quilt People make me giggle!

I finished adding the “quilt people” to my frame today. How can you not smile when looking at them?


I used a bunch of brights I’d been picking up here and there. I’m thinking about appliqueing a fun quilty saying at the bottom.  It’s a perfect spot for one.Maybe something like Ready – Set – Sew or A fat quarter is not a body part. I’ll have to think on it.

The pattern is called  “The Ninepatchers – A Family Reunion” by Mickey Depre. Click on the pattern name to be transferred to her site. Here’s couple of close-ups. Those eyes are so expressive, aren’t they?


I wish I would have made the background a different color though. I used a white background, not thinking about the fact that the eyes would also be white. The pattern suggests off-white, but I was afraid off-white would dull the bright colors. I used off-white for the eyes instead, but they still don’t show up too well, do they?


The nice thing about this pattern is that you can fashion and pose the little quilts any way you like. The arms and legs can be bent this way or that. I did mine like the original pattern, but as I was making it I thought how cute these would look along the border of a quilt. Or maybe two of them, each holding one side of your quilt label. Now wouldn’t that be cool?!  I may just have to try doing it.


This one’s my favorite – look at those curves! A quilty Marilyn Monroe!


Of course, plan for your room to look like this while you’re making it. My DH about fell over when he walked in – it looks like someone ransacked the place. And trust me, the floor looks just as bad. Yes, the trash can is there but I obviously very little actually made it in the trash can.


I think I’ll put this wallhanging at the entryway into my room once it’s finished. That way I’ll be smiling as I walk in to do what I love most 🙂

Have a great weekend!

How fun!  I think I really like that you used white for the background – it makes the eyes “float”, and the quilt people look sillier.  It looks like it was a quick and fun project!


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