What is on my design wall

Well, since I had to buy New Moon and I had to have the deluxe DVD because I love knowing how a movie was made,  I guess I had to do something constructive while I was watching those three DVD’s, didn’t I? The fact that it’s National Quilting Day might have helped. Here’s a sneak-peek at what I’m doing. Yesterday this picture frame was made and waits patiently for further decoration on my design wall:


Today I prepared these eyes:


along with 12 pairs of shoes. Hopefully I’ll have most of it together and can post a picture of the almost-finished quilt tomorrow! Holy cow, preparing applique’ can be time consuming! However, preparation is everything with applique’, so it’ will be worth it in the end. It always is!

Now for the dilemma: Harry Potter Marathon weekend on ABC Family or watch New Moon again??


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