More quilt show pix

Or, as The Hubster calls it, “Quilt Porn”….. lol

This first one is called California Nites, by Nedra Lihs. It is GIGANTIC.

California nites

I love how the black background makes both the piecing and quilting stand out.

Nedra found the pattern for this quilt in Keepsake Quilting’s catalog. She quilted it on her DSM Bernina – there was no longarm involved in the quilting of this quilt. Considering the size of this monster, that sounds like a bit of masochism to me….. I don’t know that I’d have that much patience. (Or upper body strength!) 🙂

California nites2

Next up, we have “Window Gazing”, by Marie Deatherage, quilted by Pat Roche.

I have to admit, I’ve never really cared much for the Attic Windows pattern. I’ve always found it quite boring. But this one is pretty neat!

window gazing

Marie did a fabulous job collecting such a variety of beautiful landscape prints that are NOT boring to look at. She also used a wonderful assortment of prints for the frames – brick, rock, wood, stone.

window gazing 2

Pat’s quilting creativity and prowess shows especially well in the “wood” timbers. Very cool!

window gazing 3

The title of our next quilt is “Dancing Doily Dandies” and was made by the featured quilter, Anton Haas Jr. He was at the show answering questions about his quilts, but I didn’t have time to speak with him. I’m more of a traditional quilter, so his quilts didn’t appeal to me very much, but I’m sure Cindi would have loved them! However, I love the colors of this quilt, and the curves and waves.

dancing doily dandies 2

Anton said this was an adaptation of a Drunkard’s Path quilt, he used Electric Quilt for the layout. There is not one straight line anywhere in the quilt. The “Doily Dandies” (the dark embroidered blocks) are “adaptations of fractals (mathematical formulas based plotted on a Cartesian grid)”.

Well, now my head hurts. The Hubster probably understands EXACTLY what Anton is talking about. Nerds of a feather….

Anton executed the embroidery using rayon thread, a double needle, and his machine’s decorative stitches, which intrigues me.

dancing doily dandies 3

“Fab 12 Stars” by Janice Jones is next. Most quilters will recognize Carol Doak’s blocks from her book “50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars”.

Fab 12 stars

I am always attracted by bright quilts. I love them. The block that snagged my attention was this one. I love how parts of the block pop out of the quilt, it seems to just float in midair.

Fab 12 stars 2

There were lots of quilts in today’s post that got my creative gears a-grinding. Come back tomorrow – I have even more to show you!

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