Northwest Quilters Quilt Show

I went to a quilt show this weekend. It was great! I brought my white gloves and my camera. I took so many pictures I filled up my compact flash card in my camera!

I always bring my own gloves. I do it for two reasons – one, so I can actually touch the quilts, turn them and look at the back side. Two – I have been to quilt shows where I’ve witnessed people actually PICKING at the quilt with their fingers, not to mention touching and turning them. I’ve decided when I see this I will step in, put my white glove in their face, and ask them if I can turn the quilt for them as they are not supposed to touch the quilt. Some people don’t understand (even though there are signs posted EVERYWHERE) that if you have 150 people touching a quilt, the quilt will get dirty and oily.

Here are some of the quilts I saw.

spools of gold

This quilt is called Spools of Gold. It was machine pieced and hand quilted by Ana Martinez. In her description of the quilt, Ana states “Thank goodness for pins” which made me laugh out loud. I have a HUGE appreciation for her work. I have tried this pattern (Apple Core) and it is NOT an easy one to sew. Machine stitching one curved block to another wasn’t bad, as long as I remembered that the concave piece goes on top of the convex one. It was when I got to stitching the rows together that I lost patience with this quilt! In order to not have puckers form, I would stitch one block (concave to convex), then pull the quilt off the machine, flip it over, and stitch the next block in the row (concave to convex). It became so tiresome I gave up and packed the quilt away. Someday I’ll either hand-piece it, or I will learn a different technique that makes machine piecing it a lot easier.

cathedral windows

Here is a classic Cathedral Windows. Unfortunately, I neglected to get the quilter’s name. Yet another pattern that elicits a reaction of instant respect from me – CW quilts are very time consuming, but so worth it!


A close-up of CW.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

This quilt is FABULOUS! I love it! It’s called Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”, pieced and quilted by Jo Barry. She says this about the quilt: “This is a one-patch quilt based on a standard 60-degree diamond and fussy-cut from stripes, an idea from Kaffe Fassett. Experimenting, I noticed that these vertically and horizontally cut diamonds could be fussy-set into 9 patches so as to create intriguing abstract secondary shapes.

diamonds are 2

“The resulting block interpreted in 56 different strips, made up the larger diamond forms in the final set. Toned down black and whites provided the frame. No shortage of color.”

No, definitely not! I love everything about this quilt – the colors, the design, the originality. I might have to start collecting stripes!

Well, that’s it for now, tune in tomorrow for more quilts from the show! I have lots more to blog about!

peggi large sig

I love the Cathedral Windows quilt. My goal in life is to make one of those. They’re so beautiful. The diamond one?? It’s so YOU! I can see you making this, Peggi. And the Apple Core quilt – well, WAY out of my comfort zone, that’s for sure. I have total respect for anyone who does apple cores. I can’t wait to see more. It gets me all excited for our trip. Oh, and good for you for bringing your white gloves – what a way to show how much you admire and respect the quilters and their works. Cindi Signature small

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