Note to The Hubster: Don’t read this post!

I was at Office Depot today.   I love office supply stores.  I love to wander around and look at all the pens, pretty invitations, computer sleeves, and desk organizers.  I thought about Cindi while I was there and wondered if she likes office supply stores, too.  Anyway, I came across a “self-healing cutting mat” that had a picture of an X-acto knife on it, geared towards crafting and office work.  Hmmmm…   if it works for X-acto knives, it should work for rotary cutters, no?????  Bonus – it was a pleasant, neutral grayish opaque color and not that pukey, awful green!


And, since I bought it at an office supply store and NOT a quilt or fabric shop, it doesn’t count as part of my quilting budget!  Right?


I love office supply stores too! I can always find some way to change an office supply into a quilting supply. I’ve never seen one of those cutting boards there though. Obviously the big-city OSS’s carry much, much more than the podunk-town OSS’s.

Oh, and if it’s bought in an OSS, it’s not part of the quilting budget!!


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