Teaching an old dog….

I’ve finished the 9-Patch/Hourglass quilt!


After about 10 years of quilting this pattern was just full of learning experiences for me. The pattern is from the Leisure Arts book “Quick & Easy Scrap Quilts” by Patricia Wilens. This book has lots of great patterns!!!!


It’s my first truly “scrappy” quilt. One 44” strip of fabric was cut from nearly every fabric in the stash, so every 9-patch is a different fabric. When the strips were cut in half I think I got two 9-patch squares per 22” strip plus enough for a couple of leaves. There’s enough 9-patches left over to make another quilt should I ever get that adventurous again. Um….probably not.  Not that it was hard – it was a very easy quilt. Just more involved than usual. I’m a simple quilt kinda girl.

It was my first appliqué – and without Peggi’s help and encouragement it would have probably been my first UFO. The appliqué was very simple – the same piece was used for the flowers and the leaves – but dang! there were a lot of  pieces. I now have a new respect for people who hand applique – especially when I see something like a Baltimore Album quilt!! I used the freezer paper/starch method and once I got into a rhythm making them it was quite fun. I also hand-sewed all those little leaves and flowers. (Helpful hint to those who are just starting hand-appliqué: Sew the appliqué before attaching the border to the quilt – saves much frustration!!)


I had to force myself to s-l-o-w-d-o-w-n and take my time on this quilt. Normally only the bindings are hand-sewn on my quilts. I will do anything not to have to hand-sew!

I used two different fabrics – muslin and white-on-white print muslin for the hourglass. If I made the quilt again I’d probably try for a little more color contrast. They almost look one-color on this quilt.


It’s also the first quilt with a planned quilting border. Normally I’ll free-hand or use a stencil for borders. I saw a picture online a long while back of beautiful quilting on a vine/flower border – feathers at the top, straight lines at the bottom – and it stuck in my head. Didn’t print it out, didn’t bookmark the page, and can’t find the page again, so I can’t take the credit for the pattern nor give credit to whoever put the idea in my head. But I sure thank that person! Now, my feathers aren’t nearly as beautiful as the picture I saw, but I sure had fun doing them.

wpid-IMG_3243-1-300x200-2010-02-26-08-14.jpg wpid-IMG_3241-300x200-2010-02-26-08-14.jpg

Sadly, I don’t know that all that work will really be noticed. Once I washed the quilt the quilting on the border isn’t quite as pronounced as it was before. Oh well. I still like it!


Unfortunately, it’s also my first quilt where the color ran in one of the blocks. Confirms my decision that ALL fabrics now get a bath before they can play with the stash. I’ve got a brown spot on the back of the quilt now. 🙁


It’s also the first time I ran a sewing machine needle through my finger. You can see more on that fiasco here. We won’t re-visit that experience. Ever again.

I hope you like it. It has become may favorite lap quilt!

I love this quilt.  Out of all your quilts, this one is my absolute favorite.  I think you did such a fabulous job on it!   Put it in your will – I get this one!  wpid-small-sig-2010-02-26-08-14.png

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