Sometimes I drive myself nuts

I have a quilt in my head.  I really want to make it, but I’ve started enough quilts (key word here is STARTED) to know that it would be smart of me to draw it up first so I can decide if it would be a pretty quilt or if I’d rather look at my dog’s butt.

The quilt in my head is pretty simple.  Diamond-shaped blocks with sashing.  Sounds easy enough, right?  I spent an hour trying to figure out how to mock one up in EQ6.  Even my trusty, dog-eared manual was no help.  Finally gave up on that.   I decided it would be faster if I just drew it up on graph paper.  Spent 20 minutes looking for the notebook of graph paper I bought specifically for this purpose.  (It was in The Hubster’s “home office area” – and by “home office area” I mean the pile of papers he has crammed into a shoe box under the spare dining room chair.) Spent another hour searching the house for the package of colored pencils I bought 2 weeks ago when I shared the joys of Shrinky Dinking with my 9 year old son.  (We made some pretty fun sock monkey Shrinky Dinks!)  The last time I saw the pencils, I was picking them up off his bedroom floor and thinking I should put them in my desk drawer, in case someday I wanted to mock up a quilt on graph paper.  Do you think they are actually IN my desk drawer?  Nope.  They grew pencil legs and who knows where they walked off to.  If I had just bit the bullet, cut the dang fabric into diamonds and stitched it up, I’d be halfway done by now.

EQ6 – $150

Graph paper notebook – $2.59

Colored pencils – $4.59

Spending your entire evening ping-ponging all over the house muttering to yourself about how you wouldn’t be able to find your head if it wasn’t attached to your shoulders – priceless.

Peggi, I’m still laughing – and thinking to myself that I’m glad it’s not just me! You’re a whiz at EQ, so I know that if you were having problems with it, it’s the pattern’s complexity that’s giving you fits. And – trust me – I know how complex your patterns can be 😉  I’m guessing that any quilt you make will be much nicer to look at than the dog’s tushie!!


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