Ouch. Ouch. Ouch!

After 40-some years it finally happened. I sewed through my finger. What. An. Idiot.

Yes, Laverne bit me last Sunday. Laverne is my Voyager machine. My hand slipped while I was sewing and BAM! right though the finger.  I literally had 12-inches left to go on the 9-patch/hourglass quilt.  The bad thing: my DH was in the garage and couldn’t hear me screaming for him. I couldn’t reach behind the machine to turn it off. The machine did that jamming-hum thing and wouldn’t move (thank god) until it was turned off.  I was finally able to reach around far enough to pull the plug and turn the wheel to get it out of my finger.

I think I must have been on an adrenaline high on because it never hurt.  It went through the side of my finger. Didn’t hit bone, just got muscle.  Incredibly, it didn’t go through my nail – missed by millimeters. Barely bled. Didn’t swell. No infection. Wore a Bandaid for two days. I got lucky. Very, very lucky. I now have a new respect for my sewing machines.

No pictures. There wasn’t anything to take a picture of. Just a hole in the top of my finger and a hole in the bottom. DH still can’t believe it didn’t do more damage. Lesson learned though. That vision is going to be in my head for a long time. DH is going to rig up something so the machine can be turned off from the front.

Good news: no blood on the quilt!

Anybody else ever done this??


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