Have you ever looked back?

I have had this quilt hanging in my spare bedroom for years. It’s the second quilt I ever made. It’s also the first quilt I ever paper-pieced and the only quilt I’ve ever hand-quilted.


I’ve not taken a second look at this quilt in years, but over the weekend I hung this quilt in it’s place.  I had to giggle when I pulled this one down. How many times have I complained about quilt corners not meeting or stitching not being perfect? How often have I said “Awwww, thanks but I didn’t do as good a job as I would have liked” when someone gave me a compliment? Well, someone needs to slap me but good the next time I do that! Take a look at the bubble in the center and those huge hand stitches.


And the binding is over an inch wide, wavy and uneven.


The quilt is not perfectly square and the hand stitching leaves much to be desired.  I could bind two quilts with the amount of binding here. I laugh when I look at it now, but I remember how incredibly proud I was of this quilt when I finished it. I took it to work and showed it off. Hung it proudly. For years. And until today I never noticed how flawed it is. It’s not perfect now, but it sure was then.

Note to self: Remember how much fun it is just to make a quilt.


I really like this quilt!  Although I had to laugh when I saw it had stripes in it….  I think you did a great job on it!  I wouldn’t have noticed the mistakes if you hadn’t pointed them out, and I thought the wider binding was a style choice!    wpid-small-sig-2010-01-13-20-12.png

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