Dresden Plate in EQ

So, here’s the pattern I decided on for my Dresden Plate. A big shout-out to Peggi for helping me figure out the sashing block. She rocks on this program! Connecting Threads has this fabric on clearance and I’m thinking I’ll need more for all those sashing blocks so I’ve ordered 1/2 yard of 12 different ones. It was only $1.48/half yard!

So, what do you think?:


I’d really like a scalloped border for this quilt, but haven’t figured out how to do that in EQ yet. I’ll have to work on that. I think a scalloped border would soften the sharp edges of the plates and look very nice. But I’ll stick with this one for now!

LOL – I’ll probably be kicking myself because I won’t be able to find more of the purple fabric I used for the centers of plates. I’d like to use it in the border too.

Now if I could only get the poltergeist out of my sewing machine. I’ve got a Janome MC 10001. Last night I was sewing the plates onto the backgrounds. When I took my foot off the pedal the machine would stop for a second then start running again! I had to tap the foot pedal several times before it would stop. Not conducive to accurate sewing of points, is it? My DH is going to take the foot pedal into work and see if he can open it and clean off the contacts. I don’t know why they’d be dirty, the unit is completely sealed, but who knows. If nothing else it will be going to the shop for repair. Or to a priest for exorcism.


I really like that! It’s so pretty – originally I thought you were going to do applique around the border, but maybe your applique fingers are worn out after the 9-patch/hourglass experience. Exorcism – rofl! Too bad you don’t live closer – I have a machine or two that I’ve recently acquired, you could use one as a loaner!

4 thoughts on “Dresden Plate in EQ

  1. I just googles poltergeist sewing machine & found you. The other day my Janome DC3050 made a strange beeping sound and started sewing on it’s own. I was really spooked and had to leave my studio. Yesterday it sewed on it’s own 4 times but no beeping. My spiritual Flatmate thinks a spirit is trying to get my attention, my cynical Flatmate thinks it’s a mechanical fault. Interesting that it’s Janome, I phoned them & they said they’ve never heard of this before.

  2. Dear Cindi
    I really love your Dresden Plate pattern and would like to make it. For the record because your ‘blades’ have points and aren’t rounded I think your border looks better the way it is – the scalloped edge might be better suited to the rounded blades on the dresden plate. What size were your blocks for this pattern?

      • I AM having a ball! Cut out 400 blades over the weekend and have made 2 plates.
        Finding that one is good – one not so good – block too big due to smaller seam allowance and so I am doing the rest of the plates on the machine (Bernina) that I can make a true 1/4″ seam with. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pattern!

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