Tension, all forms of it

Playing with my new quilting frame and midarm has not been without its challenges.  I’ve learned all sorts of things, like how touchy machines can be about tension, and that it really is important to remember to lower the presser foot!  However, just when I think I’ve got all the tension issues resolved and the machine threaded correctly, when I think everything looks good and I can start practicing stippling and loop-de-loops, something goes awry:


Honestly, after the 7th or 8th time it did this, I called it quits and made myself a lemon drop martini.   Or two.

I know eventually the machine and I will become friends with each other, but the learning curve really sucks, ya know?

Oh yes, the learning curve does stink, doesn’t it?!  I remember I thought I’d never get on the good side of  Laverne (my frame) and Shirley (my machine). But with much cooing and stroking I they finally came over and we’ve been great companions ever since. They do, however, remind me occasionally that they can do whatever they darn well please.  I know you, and you won’t give up. Once you’ve got her all figured out she’ll be completely loyal to you!


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