30 plates done!

Yay! I ended up using some purple Patrick Lose marbled fabric I had left over from baby bedding I made for one of the girls in the Girl’s Club a couple of years ago for the plate centers. Matched beautifully!


The pattern I had originally planned to do may be thrown by the wayside. I just created another pattern in EQ6 that has the blocks on-point, which means I use only 18 of the plates, leaving me 12 more for something else (maybe that tablerunner at Moda Bakeshop!). Peggi’s helping me figure some things out on EQ (thank goodness!), so as soon as I get a drawing done I’ll post it. I’ve got to start using EQ more – it’s amazing how quickly you forget how do things if you don’t practice!


2 thoughts on “30 plates done!

  1. I am in the process of putting the blocks together of the dresden plate block. I find that the corner triangles do not fit the block. They are supposed to be 1/4 of the white block. Much too small. What am I doing wrong? I made 12 inch blocks and cut them across the diagonal line, then cut them again for the corners. But, something is dreadfully wrong. Help!!! Ruth

    • It sounds as though you may be cutting the corner blocks too small. This is something probably better answered by someone in person, and I suggest your go to you LQS and ask. They have a lot of great quilters at quilt shops who would be happy to help you figure out the math for it! Take your quilt with you, and I’m betting they’ll not only help you, but ooh and aah over your quilt!

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