The Reliable really is reliable!!

I have two things I’m obsessive about. Okay, well, only two that I’ll admit to anyone but Peggi! First is slippers. I’ll go to the end of the earth to find the perfect pair of slippers. The other is irons. There is nothing that annoys quilters more than an iron that can’t deliver steam when it’s needed, is there?!

However, that has all changed. My mom is a big sewer (clothes, not quilts) and her iron died. I decided to surprise her and send her the new Reliable Digital Velocity V100 iron, so I ordered it from I had heard the hype about the steam this iron could put out and thought I’d let mom try it out for me.  Not. I ended up ordering one for me at the same time. It was a bit more than I normally pay for an iron, so I had my fingers crossed that I wasn’t (again!) wasting money on an iron that spit.

I’ve had the Reliable for about 3 months now and today it got its first real workout. I cut out 340 more petals for the Dresden Plate quilt I’m making and just pressed all the points. Four hours of pressing. Let me tell you, this baby put out the steam for 4 straight hours. Four hours! I pooped out but the iron didn’t. I had to fill the tank 4 times, but I never once had to put down the iron so it could re-heat to steam.  IT NEVER SPIT. NOT ONE SINGLE TIME. Eureka! Glory hallelujah! Reliable put an internal steam generator in the iron so steam is always available. And I’m not talking about little spots of steam either.  I’m talking full-blown, all out continuous steam  – and that was on the “low” steam setting! I doubt I could’ve gotten my fingers close enough to press the points on the “high” setting.

The Reliable is a bit heavier than my old Rowenta (which spit all the time but dangit, I loved that iron), however it holds almost two cups of water so I spend less time refilling and more time quilting. When you activate the “Steam Ready” it overrides the automatic shut-off  (a must for quilters!). After 4 hours of pressing my arm isn’t even sore!

There are only two things I hope they’ll improve on with future irons. First, it’s hard to see the water level. Second, when you’re not using steam it’s best to empty the water out of the iron as the condensation drips out of opening where you refill the water. Not a lot – but enough to be annoying.


But these are insignificant compared to the amount of steam I get – so I’m certainly not complaining!

My Rowenta now sits lonely in the storage room. I’ll save it for when company comes. Thanks Reliable, for an iron I can finally rely on!!


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