Inspiring Desire, aka stained glass quilt

I’m sure many of you who saw my last post caught sight of this wall hanging above the fireplace.


It’s called “Inspiring Desire” and was designed by Linda Everhart.  You can find her (and the pattern) here.  It is reverse applique and was a fun technique to learn.  My teenage son, who is hiding behind it in this picture, liked it so much I decided to give it to him, but he has to let me hang it in the living room where everyone can see it!  heh heh heh.


I’m amazed at the number of people who see it and ask if we did the stained glass window insert into the brickwork ourselves.

I remember the first time I saw this quilt. I wanted it – bad! I went to Linda Everhart’s website and she’s got some great patterns there and one has been picked out to buy. I like how you reversed yours and did it in white instead of black. Really makes it stand out!


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