Santa was good to me!

My Christmas present this year:


A midarm on a frame!  The Hubster got an awesome deal on this pre-owned frame and machine.  The frame is 108″ wide, so I can quilt king size quilts, and the machine that came with it is a Brother PQ1500S.  It’s a heavy duty straight-stitch machine that is almost a twin to the “Freight Train” Janome 1600DB I bought for myself (and blogged about here) earlier this month.  I plan on getting a power switch for the Janome, then swapping the machines out and putting the Janome on the frame.  The Brother came with an extension table that I could use for piecing and quilting smaller quilts.


The frame has a shelf for pantos, if I should want to try one.  I do need to locate a laser stylus – I’ve tried pet stores, hardware stores, and office supply stores.  No luck finding one that stays on by itself.

I told The Hubster that it was probably going to be the most expensive gift he’s ever given me, because now we need a bigger house.  I was only half joking!

The best thing about it is I now have backup machines in case somebody gets sick and has to go into the shop!

LOL! When I asked your DH about setting the frame up he suggested maybe selling one of your kids so you could have their room. I can’t wait to see what you create on this frame. Your work is so wonderful on quilts I can see you picking up LA quilting in no time!!


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