Fabric on my table, brighter mood!

I finally get to start a new quilt. It seems like it’s been months. My mood hasn’t been good, and I have to think it’s because I’ve not been in my sewing room a while. I picked up these beautiful batiks at the International Quilt Show in Chicago last year. They were in a 1/2-yard bundle. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

Modern Thinking by Blue Underground Studios

I wanted to make the quilt a two-color quilt. The colors are more masculine, and I’m hoping the quilt will be big enough for my DH to use.

Now, can I get to a source of irritation in buying “packs” of fabrics? You don’t always know what you’re getting until you get them home. This was a 1/2-yard pack of 9 blues and 9 tans. 1/2 yard is just enough for 7 blocks – exactly the number of blocks I needed from each blue. However, most of the fabrics were 17.5″ wide, not 18″. And one was only 17″ wide. That meant I was short one block in that fabric. Luckily I had one blue that was 19″ wide and was able to get 8 blocks out that one. Grrrrrrrrrr……I barely eeked out the other blocks – there was no room for cutting errors. Which, of course, I made! So one block will have a different color stripes than the rest. Oh well, makes it mine, doesn’t it!-)

Peggi is at a quilt retreat – that lucky girl!! Hopefully she’ll bring back lots of quilt porn to look at!!

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