iPod Quilt Journal/Pattern Storage App

Well, actually it’s called a “Fabric Journal“, but I’m using it as a quilt journal and for pattern storage. It’s available for the iTouch and iPhone for $1.99 (sorry for the picture quality – it’s an overcast day today and flash just doesn’t work well with the iPod). I currently have my quilts in the Photo section of my iPod, but inevitably someone will ask me what pattern I used for a particular quilt. Darned if I can ever remember! This app keeps all the pertinent information:

When you click on “View My Projects” it brings up a thumbnail picture and name of all the quilts you’ve entered. WIP’s show in white, completed quilts in black. You can also sort in many different ways, showing them by name, start date, finish date, pattern name, percentage of completion, or recipient name:

You can then scroll down and load in both the type of quilt (baby, lap, twin, etc), the actual size of the quilt, and the start and end date to make it. You can also list the recipient of this quilt, and best of all the name of the pattern. There is a generous note section to list any other any other information (book name, etc):

I am also using this program to store the patterns I want to make. I start the name with a Z, such as “Z – Modern Thinking” so it goes to the bottom of the main list:

I put in a picture of the quilt pattern, the size of the quilt and the pattern maker. In the note section I enter the amount of fabric I need for the quilt:

I’m loving this app. It’s great to show my quilts in a more “professional” way, and it sure beats carrying patterns around. You can’t beat the price of $1.99!

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