My favorite non-quilty tools, part deux

Holy cow, it seems like I’ve not posted for ages! Thanks for steppin’ in for me, Peggi!

Well girl, I’m lovin’ your ideas. I’m still trying to find some kind of pad for my foot pedal. I don’t have the floor pad like you’ve got – just carpeting. I’ve tried everything including trivets, the liner you put in drawers, even hot-gluing dots to the bottom of the pedal (but letting it cool before putting it back on the floor!). No luck. So now I’ll have to try your idea of the two mouse pads. However, I’m afraid if I do find something that works I won’t get my exercise. I feel like I get a workout just chasing the foot petal around the floor!

I also have some favorites. First off are two doorstops I picked up at Lowe’s for a buck each:

Doorstop elevators

They elevate my sewing machine just enough that I don’t have to strain my neck to see what I’m sewing. I don’t understand why sewing machine manufacturers just don’t add little feet like the ones you have at the bottom of your keyboard to elevate the back. It’s such a no-brainer.

Next is my pin box. I actually have two but only took a pic of the pretty one. This one is from a gift I got in a Brighton box. It holds my quilting pins:

Why store pins in ugly containers?! Make it pretty! Of course, my other one is an Altoids box. Unfortunately I can’t afford Brighton, so until someone else buys it for me……..

Next would be my needle catcher. It’s actually a clean, empty parmesan cheese shaker. I put broken needles and pins in it. This is a new one, just threw my old one away. When I’m finished with it I cover the top with duct tape before I throw it away so it won’t accidently open.

Next, my water bottle. Use it for my iron. Holds a LOT more water than those darn little cups that come with the iron!

I’ve also got a kitchen doo-dad that I bought years ago when I really thought I was going to learn to bake. That lasted about 5 minutes. So now I use this stupidly expensive Pampered Chef baking roller for my seams. Hey – at least it’s getting some use!!

And last (but most importantly) my fire-saver. Another dime-store find. In fact, I think it literally WAS a dime! It goes on my wrist when I plug in my iron and doesn’t come off until that plug is pulled out of the wall. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve come upstairs, sat down in my chair, looked down at my wrist and realized the iron was still on!

So, there’s mine. I didn’t realize how many non-quilty things I actually use when I sew!

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