my favorite non-quilty tools

Every quilter has tools in their studio for quilting that were not originally meant for quilting. Today I thought I’d share a few of my favorites.

This two-sided mouse pad keeps my foot pedal from walking around. I’ve tried lots of different things inluding a silicone trivet, but even the trivet moved on my plastic chair pad.

I purchased 2 cheap mouse pads and glued the tops together. It works GREAT! My foot pedal doesn’t move around at all!

Next we have a tool caddy. No explanation needed – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Now for lighting and pressing…

I could not bring myself to pay the price of an Ott-lamp, but I did find this full-spectrum, clamp-on, swingarm lamp with built-in magnifier at an office supply store. I paid less than $50, and a comparable Ott-lamp with the same features retails at $150. Ha!

Also pictured is an old flannel crib sheet and a set of manicurist’s tools. Since my “baby” will be NINE YEARS OLD (sniff!) on Friday, I have no use for crib sheets. I cut the elastic off and it makes a great pad for pressing seams open right next to my machine. The manicurist’s tools are part of a set given to me years ago by my sister-in-law (Hi, Jamie!). These are the only two pieces left that are not broken or lost, and it will probably make Jamie chuckle to know that one of them has been converted to a pressing tool instead of it’s intended use.

It works very well – the curved end flattens the seam without wrinkles, and the sharp end works well as a stiletto.

What are your favorite non-quilty tools?

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