Fun with EQ6

A while back my husband asked me to make a hunting quilt for him.  Ok, I can do that!  It needs to be rugged, durable, warm, heavy.  I immediately thought about denim.   I actually started making a denim quilt a few years ago.  I collected worn out jeans and cut 4-inch squares, but I ran out of denim and then realized (after the fact) that serging the blocks together was not the smartest idea, so it’s been living in a box in the garage.  I knew I’d come up with a use for it someday!

But then….

I happened to be shopping at the outlet store of a local factory that makes wool products.  In the remnant bin I found some heavy black wool and had an Aha! moment.  How about a wool top with a denim back?  Now THAT would be perfect for hunting, especially in snow!  My mom, who lives closer to the wonderful remnant bin than I do, has been stalking the factory and managed to snag a few more wool remnants – a beautiful cobalt blue and a deep, royal purple.  I added this to the black and started designing things in EQ6 to see if I had enough fabric.  That’s one of the great things about EQ – once you have a design, it will tell you how much of each fabric you need.  I’ve always wanted to do a feathered star, and making a huge one-block feathered star shouldn’t be too hard, right?  Here are some of the designs I’ve come up with.


Hmm.  Not bad.  It measures 65″ by 65″.  The Hubster says it looks Indian.  I told him he probably means Amish.  Let’s jazz it up a bit, shall we?


Interesting.  The first thing that comes to mind is that the blue diamonds on the outside look like Christmas lights.  (Or maybe it’s just that time of year…)


I am really liking this one!  I think it’s snazzy without being overwhelming or distracting!  I’m not sure how difficult it would be to piece all those triangles, we are talking heavy wool, ya know.  The border is 4.25 inches wide.

I showed it to the Hubster, and he said he had imagined that I would make a quilt that was long and narrow, to cover his cot.  Well.  That throws a monkey wrench into the works, but I can adapt!


I played with this one, setting the blocks first horizontally and then on point.  Horizontally put them right on top of each other with the points almost touching, on point gives them some space between.  I tried sashing but that ruined it.  This is what I love EQ for – isn’t it fun???  And this is just with the stuff that comes pre-loaded in EQ6 – I haven’t tried designing my own!  (Although I have thought it might look cool if I did some blue & purple half-square triangles in the border to match the star.  Gonna have to work on that one.)

So there you have it.  I’d love to get your thoughts and comments about the design.  Maybe you will think of something really neat!!!





Whoo-hoo! You’re playing again! I love looking at the things you create in EQ. I’ve got to say I’m attracted to the second one (the one that looks like it has the neon lights). I like the simplicity of it. I’ve gotta agree with you about the wool question. I’m afraid that the border in the third one might not work because of bulk, but who knows! The denim backing is a great idea. You wouldn’t have to worry about batting at all, and man, would that thing be warm! Can’t wait to see it made up…..


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