Simply Quilts Quilt

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Everyone remembers the show Simply Quilts. In my book, it was the classiest quilt show of all time, with the classiest hostess-with-the-mostest, Alex Anderson. And everyone remembers “The Quilt”. We only saw it once on the show introduction, but it was so amazing we actually watched every show intro just to get a glimpse of it. She finally did a show on the quilt and gave us instructions! Glory hallelujah! The pattern is from the book “Log Cabin With A Twist” by Barbara Kaempfer.

Like so many others, I was enamored with this quilt and just had to make it. You get to draft your own triangle pattern, which isn’t as hard as it looks, and is – in fact – almost addictive.  All you need is a piece of paper, a ruler and a pencil! The quilt is completely paper-pieced and was loads of fun to make.  I even made a full-sized mock-up so I could color the pieces. You use  5 shades of the same color and it’s pretty easy to get them mixed up.

Each triangle has 19 pieces. There are 75 total triangles, for a total of 1,425 pieces – Peggi, aren’t you so proud of me?! I usually choose such simple quilt patterns. Since every pattern piece is the same it was easy to cut strips to size and the construction went very quickly. Quilting was simple too. Because of the complexity of the pattern stitch-in-the-ditch around each black triangle and stitching around the flowers to make them pop was all that was really needed.

If you’d like to draft your own pattern you can find the free instructions here. HGTV really screwed up when they took Simply Quilts off the air, didn’t they?!!



Wow that quilt is awesome!  I am very impressed and proud of you!  That quilt looks really, really hard!

You are right about Simply Quilts.  They really messed up when they took it off the air.  I wonder if they have DVDs you can purchase…   if wishing could make it so.

Great quilt, Cindi!   I couldn’t figure out how the quilt was made until I clicked on it – it might have to go on my bucket list…..   lol!wpid-small-sig1-2009-11-20-07-05.png

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