Jelly and Jam

It’s finished!  It went together fast.  I actually finished it Friday night, but taking pictures outside has been challenging.  See the cute little whale tablecloth weights I have dangling from the bottom edge?  That’s because it was so windy!


I definitely want some borders on this quilt.  Plain borders will be better – anything pieced would just be entirely too busy.  This quilt was almost too busy for me anyway.  I had a moment of self-doubt where I thought there were too many colors and prints in it.  But I asked myself what else would I do with all those jelly roll strips, and just kept going.  It got a lot better after I added the sashing!

I love those rich reds, but I keep finding myself drawn to the pinks.


The sashing strips are EXACTLY the color of toasted marshmallows.


I think this block is my favorite.  I love that cream fabric with the tiny pink flowers.  So sweet.  I have all boys, so stuff like this is very rare in my house!  I’m seriously thinking about making a different quilt using only the pink fabrics.  How much you wanna bet it doesn’t grow legs and walk off?



I love it. You know me, I’m not much of a flowery person, but that quilt could convert me! Reds and pinks are my favorites. Those red sashing squares really set the whole thing off. And those whale weights are adorable! Taking pictures of your quilt outside makes a huge difference, doesn’t it? The colors are so much more vibrant when they’re not under those indoor lights. Can’t wait to see the finished border! wpid-cindi-100-small-2009-11-17-22-15.png

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  1. Beautiful! Can you send me the pattern as to am looking for something different to do with jelly rolls? Thank you.

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