Perfection eludes me

I know I said I would have pictures up of the quilt I made with the Aster Manor jelly roll.  However, I ended up frogging half of the sashing strips because I cut them the wrong size.  Thankfully I cut them too long instead of too short, otherwise I’d be crying.


Cindi had blogged earlier about making a quilt without any mistakes.  I’ve never had such an experience.  Fortunately the mistakes I do make have been fixable and not disasterous.  I’ve also not made the same mistake twice.  That would be frustrating and get kind of boring after a while.


I have to admit, I did make two potentially serious, ruinous cutting mistakes when I was cutting strips for the blocks, but it was ok because I ended up with 36 blocks instead of 40.  Silver lining – now I don’t have to figure out how to get all 40 blocks into the quilt!
Oooh, the sneak peek leaves one wishing for more! The colors are so yummy. Now, had it been me I’d have cut everything too small. It’s always my luck. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt…..and everyone, her next project is going to be so exciting!! ~ Cindi

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