T-Shirt Quilt

Have you ever made a quilt where everything fell into place and nothing seemed to go wrong? For me, it was this quilt:


It was a graduation quilt for my nephew, Phillip. What a cute fella, eh?! My dear SIL, Cheryl, asked me to make it for his graduation. What an honor, since I don’t get to see them often – they live about six hours from us.

Anyway, every single thing about this quilt went perfectly. Just perfect. The knit shirts played nicely with the interfacing and cotton sashing and didn’t stretch. Ole’ Bessie didn’t skip a stitch while I was quilting:


The gold piped border was a great accent (his school colors were purple and gold).  Every corner on the binding was a right-angle. The label came out a little light, but it still works for me! I should have used a darker color for the words. Lesson learned!

Click picture for closer view

I didn’t have to rip out one seam on this quilt. It is as close to perfect as I’ll ever get.  The sun, moon and stars all aligned while I was making it. Don’t know that this will ever happen again, but I loved the feeling while it was happening. Phillip has my best work to date. The best thing? I know he appreciated it!

Have you ever had a moment when everything came together for a quilt you were making?
Wow – that quilt is wonderful! You have a wonderful eye for balance with all those logos!I have to say no, I don’t think I’ve ever had a quilt where nothing has gone wrong! I have learned the hard way the value of measuring twice and cutting once. I have learned the hard way the value of a true quarter-inch seam. It must be such a great sense of accomplishment to make a quilt that just comes together like that! – Peggi

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