From cards to fat quarters

My sister just bought a gift store and had lots of things in the basement she was going to throw away. Look what I brought home for free:


It’s called a “card spinner” and is used to hold greeting cards for sale. It’s the perfect size for fat quarters and charm packs (and almost any other fabric if it’s folded right)! I threw some FQ’s in so I could see what it looks like, but I think I’ll put them in color order. What a great way to see what I’ve got with just a glance. Thanks sis!

How cool!!!  That sure looks a lot easier than my box-under-the-couch system that I have!  I wish I lived close enough to snag one!  And what is that quilt I see peeking from behind the spinner?  I’m checking out all your tools hanging on the pegboard – you are so stinkin’ organized.  Ok, you might have to post pictures of your quilt studio, so I can live vicariously through you.   – Peggi

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