This is what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing right now…..


It’s Preston’s Halloween costume.  I just don’t have the Halloween spirit this year.  I’m getting to the point where there’s not a lot of fun in it for me anymore.  The trip to the pumpkin patch used to be a blast – they always had a huge corn maze, a hay bale maze for the little kids, a petting zoo, a couple of pumpkin launchers,  a hay bale pyramid, fresh apple cider you could press yourself, plus the hay ride into the field to get your own pumpkins.  It used to be fun – until the local newspaper published an article about it.  Now going there is like going to Disneyland.

After 15 years of making costumes for my kids, I think I’m finally getting burnt out.  There was a ladybug costume, a clown costume, a penguin costume, a cowboy costume.  I’ve escorted a green M&M costume around the neighborhood to get M&M’s and a Hershey’s Kiss costume to get Hershey’s Kisses.  There was a Buzz Lightyear costume that had 42 (yes, that is FORTY-TWO) pattern pieces.  It ended up being worth it, because he wore it for a year!  I had to sneak it out of his room while he was sleeping to wash it.

This year Preston will be a wizard.  It’s an easy enough pattern, only 4 pieces.  He’ll carry a staff with a glowing ball (I’m still brainstorming how THAT’S going to work).  Next year I told him he could be the Grim Reaper.  Swap the staff for a scythe and paint his face black, and whammo,  I just made Halloween easier on myself next year.

Is there anyone out there, besides me, who doesn’t really care much for Halloween anymore?  Any ideas on how to make it more fun?

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