A Squishy! A Squishy!

Peggi sends the BEST squishies.  Always a surprise and always appreciated! Just look at this:


The Swanky Layer Cake was something we both wanted. She got one for herself too. We’ve been wanting to make this pattern from Don’t Look Now and thought this fabric would be perfect. It’s now on my to-do list! And look at that Spring Meadow charm pack.  I so love happy fabric. These are happy, happy colors.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen the Quilter’s Magic Seamer. Anything that will make drawing my applique easier is a godsend for me! I’ve heard the Kai scissors are great – and these have a cover that hangs around my neck (I certainly won’t be running with these on!).  I am FOREVER looking for my scissors. These will come in handy for everything – trimming threads, cutting out applique, trimming my bangs……

The fabric all of this is laying on is actually a sheet from Ikea. Peggi had heard they were 100% cotton and great for quilt backings.  I just may tea-dye this one. It would be perfect for the 9-patch/hourglass quilt!

Not only does she give great squishies, even her packages are interesting. I had to giggle when I saw it. She put 10 stamps on it – seven Star Wars stamps and an Aquaman, Superman and Wonder Woman stamp. Dead giveaway that Peggi’s got kids!

Thanks Peggi. You do know how to make me smile. Mine’s on the way to you, but nowhere near this interesting! I have to go now. Time to fondle fabric!

I love those Kai scissors.  I have 7 sets of scissors, and those BY FAR are my favorite!  I almost bought another set for myself, mine have been used so much they’re due for sharpening and I need a backup pair!

The sheet from IKEA is good for a backing, but also is great for piecing!   I just used it in my “Future’s So Bright” quilt.  All of the white fabric you see in that quilt is from a flat twin sheet I bought from IKEA for $4.50.

I’m so glad you liked your squishie!


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