Ya know, I’d probably get a lot more quilts finished if I didn’t surf so many blogs.  I must send Cindi 10 or 20 emails every night with links to beautiful quilts posted on blogs.  She doesn’t mind, she likes to look them while she drinks her coffee in the morning.  Gives her a reason to get out of bed, lol.  She does the same for me.  Let’s just say we’ve both doubled the size of our To-Do list since we’ve become pals!   The neat thing about this exchange is that even though we live thousands of miles apart and have never met, we know each other’s style fairly well.  I recently went to a quilt show, and although physically I was alone, I took Cindi along in my heart.   I looked at quilts through her eyes as well as my own, and it gave the whole experience an added dimension.   I think we expand each other’s horizons in wonderful ways because our styles are so different.  I stop and look closer at quilts that I ordinarily would have walked right by, and sometimes I think to myself, “I don’t really care for it, but it’s totally Cindi!” and I smile to myself.

I mention this because while surfing, I came across the blog Red Pepper Quilts and this beautiful quilt.  She used Amy Butler fabrics.  I am not a big fan of Amy Butler fabrics.  The color combinations are jarring (orange and pink?), the prints are too large.  But I LOVE THIS QUILT!  Cindi has expanded my horizons, made me slow down and take a second look at things.  And because I slowed down and gave it a chance, this quilt grabbed my imagination and my heart.

What would we do without friends, especially the ones that challenge us and make us grow?  Cindi, I love ya more’n my luggage!


(Blush!) More than your luggage?! LOL – Man, I really rate, don’t I?!

It is true though, the first thing I do in the morning is fire up my computer, get my coffee and look at all the quilt porn Peggi has left for me. While she says I’ve influenced her, I think she’s influenced me even more. I now find myself looking at quilts online, at quilt shows and in books and asking, “Is this challenging enough for Peggi?” or “What colors would Peggi make this in” or even “Oh, she’s gonna tease me about this one!”. I know that the 9-patch/hourglass in my last post isn’t that difficult, and even has very simple squares, but I made it because I knew it was something Peggi would like. She likes scrappy (check!), lots of pieces (check!) and applique (check again!). I was actually making it for a Girl’s Club Christmas gift exchange, but since we exchanged in September this year it wasn’t completed. Now it’s mine and will always remind me of Peggi.  That is, unless it somehow gets accidently packed in one of the squishies Peggi and I are always  exchanging……. 😉

Speaking of quilt shows, I’ve gone to several of them, mostly by myself or with a group of people, and I’ve always done my own thing and walked around by myself. I’m actually looking forward to the day Peggi & I can attend a show together – and actually meet! We’re like peanut butter and chocolate. Good alone on our own but better when we’re together!

BTW, I love that quilt you’ve got up there, Peggi. Just my style!  ~ Cindi

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