Diamond Log Cabin

A while back, Cindi sent me a couple of miniature quilt patterns by Cindi Edgerton.  (They are not the same Cindi, by the way.)    They are printed on tissue paper for paper piecing.  I fell in love immediately with the Diamond Log Cabin pattern and set to work.  Here is the pieced top:


I love it!


I still need to quilt it, and the binding will be red.  My fellow quilty friends agree that I should stitch-in-the-ditch, as any kind of pattern will detract from the piecing.   What a relief!  I haven’t done a lot of actual quilting, but I think I can handle SID.  Originally it was supposed to be square, but I think this octagon is more interesting.
Peggi loves patterns with LOTS of pieces, and when I saw this I knew it fit the bill! You’ve done an amazing job with color. The red really draws the eye to it, and the red binding will be the perfect finishing touch. Glad you didn’t square it off – I like it much better this way. ~ Cindi

6 thoughts on “Diamond Log Cabin

  1. I have stumbled onto your page while looking for instructions for a log cabin diamond. May I say your wallhanging is lovely! Can someone help me? I have a pattern for one but when piecing it it does not lay flat! I think I may have to draw a pattern , it is based on a 60 degree angle yes?. Thank you, Margaret.

  2. Hi Margaret – Thank you for your comments!
    I’m not sure why your pieces are not laying flat. Are you pressing each piece after stitching? One thing that comes to mind is the possibility that you are pulling the fabric tightly while stitching, which can cause it to not lay flat. Can you send me a link to a picture of your block, and maybe I can diagnose the problem.

    I believe the diamond log cabin is based on a 60° angle, but I’m unable to help you draw up a pattern. I paper-pieced my quilt using a pre-printed pattern.

  3. Your diamond log cabin is so pretty! I saw one this week at the Shipshewana Quilt Festival, and an internet search for more led me to your post. Congrats on the beautiful flimsy!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  4. I’m looking for a larger diamond shaped log cabin paper pieceing pattern – any idea where I can find one- I saw one (45 degree angles) on pinterest but the site is no longer acessible!

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