Finished the top! My last pic showed the corners incorrectly. They have it with one leaf in each corner. I changed it, but don’t know if I like it. They’re not sewn down yet, so I can still change my mind. Hopefully it get onto the frame next weekend! Just as a BTW, I cut one 45″ strip of each fabric from my stash. Half of that strip made 2 9-patch blocks and 2 flower leaves with a little left over. Good use of stash. In fact, I sent the other half of my strips to Peggi! One thing though, next time I’ll measure my corners. They each meet at different areas on the corner. One high, one low, etc. Hey, it can’t be too perfect.  That’s store-bought. If there’s not a mistake it’s not made by Cindi!


Here’s a close-up of the hourglass. It’s muslin and a cream-on-cream:

Cindi –

That is so beautiful!  I vote for a tulip in each corner, except that lower left side doesn’t seem to have enough room.  I can’t tell if it’s just the picture.

What if, after a while, you got bored with that quilt?  What if I had a quilt that you loved?  What if we swapped quilts for a year, and then swapped them back?  I gotta get my hands on that quilt somehow… 🙂


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