Charity quilts

My friend Lynette, who is a nurse, makes a lot of charity quilts.  Last weekend she called a bunch of quilty friends over for a charity quilt-a-thon.  The plan was that we would make the tops and she would quilt them.  The charity of the day was Project Linus, which provides blankets to children who are seriously ill or traumatized.  She gets donated fabric  from all over the country, so we picked through her piles and I found this:


Awww.  How cute!  Pretty, feminine, but not so sweet that my teeth hurt.  Hmmm, what to go along with it?  How about some of this?


Oooh, I like that.   It makes her leotard pop.  But, there’s not a whole lot of the blue fabric…  What else could I do?


Hmm.  Ok.  Well, it’s not perfect.  I believe that just because it’s a charity quilt doesn’t mean we should skimp on making it pretty.  Right?  But Lynette said it looked fine, and from a distance it didn’t look bad.  So I went ahead and used it.


Yikes!   Seriously – what WAS I thinking when I picked out these colors??? Holy Guacamole!

I comfort myself with the thought that I was once a little girl, so I KNOW for a fact that somewhere there is a little girl who will see this and squeal with glee because these are her absolute favorite colors.



I‘m not hearing crickets, I’m hearing a squeal of delight from a happy child. You’re absolutely right – there is a little girl out there who will love it. She’s not going to see that the purple and blue were meant to compliment, not overwhelm the fairy fabric. She’s going to see those adorable little fairies and think she’s sleeping under a magical quilt. She’s going to have great dreams. You’re going to help her forget for one moment that she’s sick – or scared, and make her smile…..and that’s the important thing!

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