Trying something new

I’ve been turning this pastel string quilt over and over in my head for the past few weeks. I want to put a border on it, but what kind? Cindi and I batted a few ideas back and forth, and I finally decided on a white border with appliqued flowers and vines. A very sweet, feminine quilt, unlike anything I’ve done to date.

Earlier this week, while surfing the internet, I saw something that finally ignited my brain. It was a pillow made with yo-yo rosettes. I don’t really care for yo-yos, but seeing that pillow sparked some creative thinking – what if I made the appliqued flowers three-dimensional? What if instead of being sewn down to the quilt top, they stuck up off of it? The image I had of the finished quilt in my head was fabulous! So I messed with circles and leaves and here is what I came up with:


There will have to be some adjusting and finessing going on. My sewing machine absolutely did not like sewing through 5 layers to get the leaves attached to the fabric. At first I was just simply going to sew the center of the flower on, but there was no way it was going to lay flat, so I decided to stuff it instead. I really, really like it!

Now I have to decide if all that extra handwork will be worth it. But thankfully, my creativity has FINALLY stirred!
Peggi, these are perfect for the string quilt – absolutely perfect! The 3-D look is really going to make it all come together. The extra handwork will definitely be worth it.

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