Faces on Fabric continued…

Aaah, that’s why I love my friend Peggi. Always wanting to know more, to know why and how. Peggi keeps me on my toes, and often opens my eyes to thing I tend to overlook. She asked what was my favorite part of the class. To tell the truth, it was the painting! I didn’t think I’d care too much for the class because of the painting. Once again, it’s not fabric, it’s paint. I’m a traditionalist. But I was amazed at how the paint really brought the face alive. I learned that sometimes it takes more than fabric to bring a quilt to “life”.  And the lips…..I love those luscious lips!! If I were a guy I’d want to kiss them. They look so real on the actual quilt!

I’m also amazed that I drew these pics myself. I also drew a few others I’ll show you here. Now I find myself doodling on restaurant paper placemats, the backs of books, and on and on…. Terri’s instructions were so great. I drew two of these the first time I put pencil to paper! Sorry they’re a bit difficult to see. Pencil doesn’t photograph well.

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