Faces on Fabric class

I take almost all of my quilting classes online. I love online classes.  It’s so much fun meeting people from around the country and even around the world, on occasion. Here’s my first show-and-tell. It’s a quilt that I made from the Faces on Fabric workshop online with Terri Stegmiller at Two Creative Studios.

Now, I really enjoy art-type quilts, but I’m also a traditionalist. I enjoy making quilts out of fabric. I’m not that into embroidery, or adding little pieces of metal or chopsticks to my quilts. In this class I veered a bit from my comfort zone. I actually had to draw everything in the quilt. The face, the flower, the butterflies. Terri had great instructions and made the drawing seem not-so-scary.  In fact, I was a bit surprised how nice the drawings looked when I finished them. Dang! They look like real people!! I also had to paint the face. I am NOT a painter, and putting a paintbrush to this quilt after I’d gotten it all sewn down was daunting at best. All I could see was paint dripping down her nose. Yeech. And that background fabric. Isn’t it delicious?? It’s a hand-dye from Laura Wasilowski at www.artfabrik.com.  It had the perfect gradations – green to yellow to pink. She really has the most amazing hand-dyes.


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